Software Suite

The IDDEAL Software Suite® - Enterprise EP Software Solution

Iddeal Concepts, Inc., is comprised of specialized personnel including Software Developers/Analysts, IT project managers, database experts, programmers and QA professionals, all with extensive experience in software design and database management expertise to meet the latest industry requirements, trends and on-going software changes.

These team “core strengths” have furthered the development of the Iddeal Software Suite® - a multi-site “common process” for integration of program planning, compliance, coordination and database implementation. This software is designed and developed by our experts utilizing industry leading “common processes” and “best practices” and is maintained (supported) by an actively involved industry team here in the US. With decades of development and implementation, (first released in 1994), the Iddeal Software Suite® is currently being implemented as Version 8.8 and Version 9 for ISI, CISI, RI-ISI, IST, CM, RV, App.J and BWRVIP by 95% of the US Commercial Nuclear Utilities and multiple Global Utilities and Service Organizations.

The IDDEAL Software Suite® for Power Generation, Industrial Facilities and Service Organizations, integrates information from your specific user defined requirements, industry regulations and standards, plant component and system information and examination programs to facilitate ease and efficiency in organizing, scheduling and tracking of all engineering, inspection and examination work. This integrated Enterprise Data Management program provides simplified input methods and multi-functional management and tracking features that will create a value-added, cost-effective system for all of your Engineering and Inspection needs.

The IDDEAL Software Suite® - an EP integrated solution designed for today and tomorrow’s expanding requirements

The IDDEAL Software Suite® of products consists of modules for different components and their attributes, item scheduling, examinations, testing and evaluations, result trending, regulatory compliances, status and management reporting.

  • Engineering Programs development, ISI, CISI, RI-ISI and O&M IST plant component and program plans, scheduling and code completion, submittal compliances and 10/12 year updates
  • IDDEAL® - ISI outage and BOP/Plant Maintenance work scope scheduling, completion management, datasheets, evaluations, and status and regulatory reporting
  • CertWorks® & EquipWorks® - for personnel & equipment tracking, validations and project assignments (NDE/QC/QA personnel certification tracking and monitoring to ASNT-TC-1A, ASME and CP-189 requirements)
  • CompWorks® - Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC), Buried Piping & Service Water examination, monitoring, analysis and trending
  • SnubbWorks® - Engineering and Maintenance functional testing, examination/inspection, and service life monitoring requirements for Safety Related (Tech Spec and O&M program plans) and Non-safety related snubbers

Standard Version 9 program functions and design include:

  • IDDEAL Software Suite® Version 9 expands existing software functions for Engineering Programs development, ISI and O&M plant component and program plans, scheduling and code completion, submittal compliances and 10/12 year updates with improved features and new functions and implementation
  • Provides an enriched “User Experience / Ease of Use”
  • Multi-Program environment, ANY program (ISI, IST, BWRVIP, Pressure Test, Containment) and ANY governing requirements (ASME, USNRC, NEI, etc.)
  • Developed on the latest Microsoft platform (C#, C++, SQL) for exponential growth (features, number of users, any operating environment)
  • Offers Third party integration (Client interface to Passport, SAP, etc. required)
  • Provide Engineering Programs and Inspection Services an “overall solution” for:
    • Enhanced Security
    • Program Plan and Manual Integration
    • Document Library
    • Components and Details
    • Activities / Projects
    • Personnel and Equipment
    • Reporting and Trending
    • Web and Custom Reporting Services
    • Software Setup Functions

The IDDEAL Software Suite® - expertise in motion, for fast intuitive access and user implementation

Our development team is assisted by an industry leading managed service provider and a state-of-the-art datacenter meeting all security and audit requirements to support our Cloud based, Citrix accessed, hosted solution. User access can be through your utility managed and secured environment, a web browser, or utilizing our development process for projects such as client SSO and SCIM integration.

On-going development driven by industry standards and security protocols has assisted the implementation of our mobile solution (Apple developer with published applications to the B2B app store), and integration of our software into Utility Maintenance/Work Management Systems for information sharing and retrieval.