Iddeal Services

Iddeal Services, LLC

Company focus is specifically in support of client training, site software setup and implementation. Additional on-site support provided by Project Managers/NDE Level III's and project and system analysts.

An array of services are available including:

  • • Iddeal Training and Outage Support
  • • Program Implementation
  • • Outage setup and implementation (Preservice and Inservice)
  • • Assessments
  • • Outside Agency for Certification (Maintain an Appendix B program)
  • • Procedure Compliance, Reviews, and Revisions
  • • Engineering Support Staffing

The company is comprised of specialized personnel with ASME/O&M/ISI Inspection/Engineering, Project Management and database management expertise. Company services have included NDE and engineering support services for the performance and evaluation of NDE techniques, development of ISI, QA and QC procedures to specifications and codes. ISI program reviews and assessments, personnel training and course development, review and assessment of NDE data, technical and NDE method field implementation and administrative outage support.