Iddeal Solutions

Iddeal Solutions, LLC

Iddeal Solutions is a “full service” company providing products, Engineering Program services and support for ASME Section XI Inservice Inspection and O&M Code Inservice Testing programs and plant implementation. Our staff offers a complete portfolio of skills and qualifications to meet all of your needs for any program update and any continued support for program implementation or maintenance.

Our team maintains active involvement in industry events and initiatives, and brings a combined 190 years of experience to our services, specifically in support of Engineering Program updates, regulatory requirements and client site implementation. The company is comprised of specialized personnel with ASME/O&M/ISI Inspection/Engineering, Project Management and Iddeal database management expertise.

An array of services are available including:

  • Engineering Support and On-site or Corporate Managed Services
  • Regulatory Inspection Program Development (Section XI - ISI, CISI, PT, R&R)
  • RI-ISI Program Development and Living Program Maintenance
  • BWRVIP Program Development
  • O&M Program Development (IST Pumps, Valves, and Snubbers)
  • Section XI and O&M Program 10/12-Year Updates and Basis Documents
  • Program Reviews and Database Reconciliations to latest Code Requirements
  • Section XI and O&M Code Training
  • Program Assessments and Reviews

Knowledge of the IDDEAL Software Suite®

Iddeal Concepts, Inc. is the developer and owner of the IDDEAL Software Suite®. Iddeal Solutions staff is fluent in the software and understands what is required to optimize the software's use for the program engineer, implementer, and NDE staff to accomplish their jobs in a timely and accurate manner. This in-depth knowledge and understanding of the IDDEAL Software Suite® is unique to the Iddeal Group of Companies.

Customer Support

Iddeal Solutions provides direct client interactions via phone, email, help desk and e-solution communications to all clients. For each project, Iddeal Solutions identifies the team members, specifies a “scope of work” and derives a schedule for each task completion, and coordinates work progress meetings and ensures deliverables are met to exceed client satisfaction. Upon project completion, Iddeal Solutions continues to provide customer support with responses to questions regarding the updated programs, regulatory compliance, software questions, or other inquiries to help implement or maintain your new program (regulatory or client specified). Additionally, Iddeal Solutions offers on-site support to assist in outage preparation and implementation or other services as requested. Our in-depth knowledge of the software and your program allows our staff to arrive on- site as a pre-planned activity, or for emergent support and begin work immediately. There is no time lost waiting for our staff to become familiar with the software or the sites Code programs.

Knowledge of ASME Codes and Standards

Our staff is comprised of subject matter experts (SME) that are extremely knowledgeable in ASME. They are very active within the Code and hold key positions. Their knowledge and in-depth understanding of ASME Section XI, RI-ISI, and O&M Code will be reflected in the updated program or any other provided services.

Our team has authored or co-authored many Code actions and Code Cases. Some of the more significant actions include Non-mandatory Appendix J, Code Cases N-716, N-752, N-798, and N-800.

Our team knowledge extends beyond Code and represents an understanding of the Code's interface with other plant programs like the 10 CFR 50.59 review process, operability determination process, design change, and procurement processes.

Kevin Hall - Division Manager, Engineering Programs

Kevin Hall is a member of Sub Group Water Cooled Systems, Working Group Risk Based Examinations, and Working Group Inspection of Systems and Components. He is a past member of Working Group Pressure Testing. He has co-authored Code Cases such as N-711, N-716, N‑716-1, N-798 and N-800.

Gary Park - Senior Programs Engineer

Gary Park is Past Chairman (12 Yrs.) of the ASME Section XI Standards Committee. He is a current member of the Board on Nuclear Codes and Standards, Subgroup on Repair Replacement, and Working Group Design and Programs.

Jerry McClanahan, P.E. - Senior Programs Engineer

Jerry McClanahan is a member of Working Group Pressure Testing, where he has authored Code Cases such as N-722, N-798 and N-800.

Steve Lewis - Senior Programs Engineer

Steve Lewis is a previous member of the Subgroup Repair/Replacement Activities including serving as Sub Group Secretary. He chaired task groups and served as a voting member on numerous working groups reporting to Subgroup Repair/Replacement Activities.

Wayne Rogers - Senior Programs Engineer

Wayne Rogers is Secretary of the ISTA Subcommittee for General Requirements, and a member of the O&M Standards Committee, ISTC Subcommittee for Valve Testing, and the OM-22 Check Valve Subcommittee. Mr. Rogers has also been a Project Manager for many changes associated with the 2017 and 2019 O&M Codes for ISTC and ISTA, including OMN-23 and OMN-27.

Mel McGaha - Senior Programs Engineer

Mel McGaha is the Vice Chairman of ISTB Subcommittee for Pump Testing, a member of ISTA Subcommittee for General Requirements, Chairman of Regulatory Interface Task Group under ISTA, and a member of O&M Standards Committee. Mr. McGaha was Co-Author of ASME O&M Code Case OMN-22 for Smooth Running Pumps. Mr. McGaha has also been a Project Manager for many changes associated with the 2017 and 2020 O&M Codes, for ISTA and ISTB.

Tony Glass - Senior Programs Engineer

Tony Glass is a member of Standards Committee on Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants, O&M Subcommittee on Valves ISTC, and O&M Subgroup on Safety/Relief Valves, and Appendix J Owners Group.

Practical Experience

The technical Staff at Iddeal Solutions, LLC. represents a combined 190 years of experience in nuclear power with 100+ years of this experience as direct employees of the licensees, directing ASME Code programs. Our personnel also represent approximately 20 years ISI experience representing the NRC and Authorized Inspection Agency.

All of our Project Engineers were previously employed by Licensees and were experienced Program Owners for single units, multiple sites, and corporate fleets. They have been responsible for ownership and implementation of ISI, PT, NDE and R/R programs. Our staff has experienced the program and basis updates as a program owner and is fully aware of the frustrations that can be caused by a contractor that cannot meet schedules or provide deliverables within budget. Iddeal Solutions understands "get it done on schedule and within budget".

Our staff represents past program ownership at fourteen different units and four corporate or fleet leads making them very familiar with the challenges of maintaining and implementing ASME Code programs. We have attended safety committee review meetings, outage challenge meetings, and NRC entrance/exit meetings. We understand the needs of a successful program owner working in a fleet.

Our staff includes individuals that have previously worked for or contracted to the NRC. They were part of site inspection teams. They were contracted to reviewed utility ISI programs, relief requests, request for alternatives, and (g)(4)(iv) requests. They understand NRC expectations for program content and detail; including the quality, format and content of documents submitted to the NRC.

Currently the Iddeal Group of Companies perform many services internally, but continually look to expand our support with these services by teaming with other industry experts, where-by providing a more "comprehensive team" within the industry.